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Taranaki Street – 15 storey Residential Unit Title Development

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    July 22, 2014
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This 15 storey Residential Unit Title Development in Taranaki Street for Stratum Management is almost complete. The superstructure of the building is steel members, rather like a large scale meccano set. As all steel members were made off-site and there were very small tolerances to fit them together, the accuracy of the set-out was critical. Wigley & Roberts checked the position of the building every second storey while the building was under construction. As the site is surrounded by other multi-storey buildings, establishing survey control marks that were visible from the site was challenging. We were involved in the project from the beginning with the site survey, through the set-out and monitoring phases and onto the Unit Title subdivision. We can also attest that the view of Wellington from the top of the crane was fantastic.